A Challenge to Pray

In Ephesians 6, Paul instructs us to always pray with all kinds of prayers for the saints and in II Timothy, we see some of the results we can expect when we take the time to pray: A quiet and peaceable life, godliness, honesty, and answered prayer. These are just some results we can expect when we pray and seek God.
I want to let you know that prayer is not something to dread. It is fun and rewarding when done right. Fifteen minutes of prayer is great when you are just starting but to really get into prayer, you have to take the time to get to know the Father. Once you do, you’ll enjoy your time of fellowship with Him and you’ll pray until His presence manifests in your life.
To pray for others, you must have a passion for God‘s will. You must give your heart to the Holy Spirit, and be willing to open your mouth to speak the words that flow from your innermost heart.

God is calling us all to put our prayer gloves on and fight the good fight of the prayer of faith. Pray now or never. Let us meet in our closet, praying until we see results. The enemy is not sleeping and neither should we.

Let us take Paul’s challenge to heart in Romans 8:27 and intentionally and purposefully give our heart to the Holy Spirit so He can search it for the prayers deposited there.

Love and peace,
Pastor Maria DaGraca