An Open Heart

A number of years ago, I experienced what you might call a “dry season” in my spiritual walk. One day during this time, I began to complain (I know you’ve probably never done that). I told the Lord how frustrated I was and how I disliked religious tradition. I took responsibility for the state I was in, told Him I would fix it, and basically reaffirmed my commitment to Him. I expressed to Him my desire to be used by Him to glorify Him.  
I expected His response to be, “Go lay hands on the sick” or “go cast out devils”. Instead here’s what He instructed me to do: “Listen to your heart. When people talk to you, listen intently to them. Understand what they are communicating to you. Take interest in what they are saying so much so that you can repeat it back to them. Open your heart to people when they communicate with you and don’t be so quick to give them just any answer. Look into their eyes, feel what they feel, then look into your heart for the answer. People have deep pain, they are not just crazy. The enemy has found a way into their lives and in your spirit there are answers for every problem they have. You are my hands and my heart, you can comfort them. You are my love, my mouth, and my hands.”
What the Lord ministered to me wasn’t just for me. It’s for anyone who longs to be used by Him. Start by opening your heart to Him and He will show you how to open your heart to the people around you.  
-Pastor Maria DaGraca