Confession of Faith

Today, I want to encourage you with some words – based on scripture – that you can speak over yourself daily.

When you speak these verses over yourself, you will build up your faith in the power, faith, wisdom and strength of God within you. Say them confidently and remember that, “No word from God is void of power.” Luke 1:37

I have a standing invitation to come boldly into the throne room and sit in the presence of my Father.

I am now a member of the divine household. God is my Father. I am His child. I am in the Family. I am a partaker of His divine nature.

I’m constantly conscious of His indwelling presence.

Greater is He that is in me then he that is in the world. I have His love abiding in me.

God is in me. God’s ability is mine. God‘s strength is mine. God‘s health is mine. His success is mine. I am a winner. I am a conqueror. I am a success because the greater One, with His great ability, is in me.

I have faith in my own faith. I can reach God as well as anyone else. I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.

I have the life of God abiding in me. Whatsoever I ask of the Father in Jesus Name, He gives it to me.

I have God’s wisdom. I do not have to ask for wisdom because wisdom is mine. I do not have to pray for faith, because His promise cannot be broken.

In Him,
Pastor Jack DaGraca