Faith Requires Action

We just finished a series of meetings with Dr. Marilyn Neubauer which were absolutely wonderful. She ministered on healing and she boldly and eloquently addressed some difficult questions like, “why didn’t God heal sister or brother so-and-so when they were strong in faith?” She shared personal examples that really put things in perspective. The Word was rich and I received so much from each message. 
As I sit and re-read my notes and watch the recordings, I want to encourage you (and me) to not just listen to the messages but to be a doer of what we heard. The simplest way to do this is to identify one thing you can act on right away.
Oftentimes we try to do four or five things and when we’re not successful, we give up. Avoid that by starting with one simple step. As you reflect on the word you heard, what is the one thing that keeps coming to you? How can you act on it? When are you going to start (now is always a good time)?
Be a doer of God’s Word and you will see results every time.
-Pastor Maria Murphy