At Father’s House Family Church our service teams our called IMPACT teams.  The teams are important to the success of each of our services and outreaches.  Each team member plays an important role and no job is insignificant.


Below is a list of ministries and community outreach programs we currently have and are involved with.  If you would like to get plugged into one of these areas, please contact us.


Home Bible Study Groups:  Give individuals the opportunity to connect with others in a more intimate setting, outside of the church.  Currently we have 4 groups that meet in various locations in MA & RI.  The goal for this ministry is to continue to grow and evolve into other small groups that are built around common interests.

Prayer:  This ministry is vital to the birth and growth of Father’s House Family Church.  We have individuals who meet at the church daily to pray for our pastors and members and others as God leads.  We also have a prayer meeting that takes place every Friday at 7pm.   The prayer team also serves in our prayer room during each of our services.

Kidz Church: This ministry helps create a safe and fun place where children (ages 3-12) are exposed to Christ-centered, character building discipleship at its best.  We currently use the Super Church curriculum which provides lessons, audio/visual tools, drama skits, and more!  

Nursery:  This is a fun place… a safe place… a clean place… but most importantly, it is a place where every child is loved, cared-for and taught about Jesus. The goal of this team is to make every child feel loved and every family feel welcomed so that parents can confidently call FHFC their church home. We see the nursery as a true ministry to families of infants and toddlers and we take it very seriously!  Our routine includes: Bible “story” for babies, bible-song time, free-play, snack time and sometimes even a nap time! All lessons, songs, etc. are age-appropriate. 

Hospitality: This ministry serves as a connection point between all members and guests and what’s going on at Father’s House Family Church.  

Greeters: This ministry loves people and enjoys making them feel at home.  They serve by greeting every member as they enter Father’s House Family Church.

Ushers: This ministry prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming guests and assisting with seating, the prayer line, communion, and offering.  They also serve as security and maintain order during each of our services.

Fellowship:  This ministry is responsible for planning, coordinating and serving at church wide fellowship activities. 

Worship: This ministry  sets the atmosphere for our guests to encounter God during each of our services. Vocally and instrumentally, the worship team allows everyone to use their gifts to serve God and others.

Media: This ministry  is responsible for running the worship presentation (songs & scriptures) during the services and is also responsible for duplicating and packaging the service CD’s for sale and distribution to our members and volunteers.

Sound:This ministry  is responsible for maintaining and operating the sound system during each of our services.  

Housekeeping: This ministry works diligently to keep the church facility clean and tidy.

Transportation: This ministry is responsible for transporting individuals who want to come to church but have no means of transportation.  The team provides prompt and courteous service. 

Evangelism:The Evangelism Team is responsible for the evangelistic emphasis for the church. Evangelism is simply sharing the good news of the gospel with people who have not yet come to know Jesus Christ as their savior. This team is responsible for the development and continuation of a process that will keep an evangelistic emphasis before the church membership and more importantly, our community at all times.  The team participates in various community events, door-to-door, street and most importantly lifestyle evangelism.

Nursing Home Visitation: This ministry ministers the word of God in song and offers prayer and encouragement to the residents of a local nursing homes & adult senior center.

Emergency Food Assistance Program:This ministry provides assistance to church members and potential  members who need groceries on a short term basis due to emergency and unexpected situations.

Church at the Park: Each year in August, Father’s House Family Church, in conjunction with area churches, hosts a community outreach event called, “Church at the Park”. The event is held at Memorial Park in Taunton, Ma., and runs from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. It is a FREE event and EVERYONE is welcome!  City officials estimated that approximately 2300 people were in attendance at past events.

Future teams: Married Couples, Men, Women, Youth, College & Career, Hospital & Prison Visitation, Technology & Marketing.