Hold Your Image

It’s been said that 2019 is a year for the church to experience extraordinary manifestations of the goodness of God. We are half way through the year so it’s an appropriate time to stop and reflect. Has this manifested in your life thus far? If so, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell someone! Make a big deal about it because it will encourage others. 

If you haven’t seen extraordinary manifestations of God’s goodness, it’s not too late. There are several reasons why many people haven’t, but rest assured one of them is NOT that God loves someone else more than He loves you. The Bible says in Acts 10:34 that God is no respecter of persons. This means that he doesn’t play favorites.

I believe one reason why people fail to receive the promises of God, is that they don’t take it personal. What do I mean? When a word from God is spoken, I must first believe that it IS a Word from God and that it IS for me. I then must take the time to receive the word personally. How? I start by asking, what does this word mean to me? In what areas do I need to see this manifest? What will it look like when it does show up in my life? What am I willing to do to align with the conditions of the word?

While asking these questions, I let the word form a clear picture for me and I see myself walking in the fullness of it. The word becomes so real to me that it’s as though I already have it. Once this happens, I find myself thinking and talking about it every chance I get. Even when my current condition doesn’t look like it’s changing, I hold the image of that word in my heart and continue to believe that it’s going to manifest, until it does. 

This exercise doesn’t cost but a few minutes of our time and the payoff is life changing! Until next time, hold your image!
– Pastor Maria Murphy