Mirror Mirror on the Wall

When you look in a mirror what do you see? Simple answer is, “I see a reflection of myself.” An unfiltered reflection at that.A mirror can make us feel bad or good about ourselves. It reveals what needs immediate attention and what does not.
A mirror does not lie and does not care one way or the other how you feel about what you see reflected back at you. It simply reveals the good the bad and the ugly. Hopefully there is not too much ugly. Lol!
When we spend time in the Word of God it is like spending time looking into a mirror. It also reveals what needs change and what can remain the same It also does not care one way or the other about how we feel about it. 
We are all growing into the image of Christ; from faith to faith and glory to glory so don’t feel bad if you do not like your reflection.
The difference between an actual mirror and the “Word Mirror” is this: An actual mirror can only reflect back to you who you are at that moment whereas the Word Mirror reflects back to you who you are in Him. So keep coming back to the mirror every day and make a little adjustment here and a little change there and you will become more and more a reflection of Him.
Be Blessed Pastor Henri Talbot