Pray from the Heart

Praying is quite simple, it’s honest communication with God. If you are a born again believer, prayer is as natural to you spiritually, as breathing is to you.

Spiritually, your spirit cries out to your Abba Father (Romans 8:15). Pray-er is who you are not just some thing you do. Isaiah 56:7b says, “For my house the Lord says, will be called, the house of prayer.” I Corinthians 3:16 says, “You are the temple of the living God.” Once we realize this, we can stop trying to pray the “perfect” prayer, stop straining ourselves, and stop trying to be eloquent or super spiritual.

We can speak plainly, openly, and honestly with our Father. Our prayer is most effective when we pray from the heart, not from the head. Clean out the clutter, pour out your soul to Him, and keep praying until you sense the peace of God arise within you. Always pray straight from your heart.

Yours in Him,
Pastor Maria DaGraca