Start Great – Finish Greater!

When I was about 9 years old, my mom began to teach my sister and I how to crochet. I remember being so excited when she took us to the store to buy the items we needed and to pick out the patterns of what we were going to make. 
My mom patiently showed us how to crochet and we actually learned fairly quickly. Pretty soon, my first little baby bootie was complete. It was quite small so it didn’t take me long, but I was so excited about it! 
After just a a few weeks, the excitement began to wane and not long after that, the basket we had bought, sat untouched with a number of projects I started, but didn’t finish.  
Sound familiar? It took me years to realize that l was really good at STARTING a lot of things but really bad at actually COMPLETING them. Not completing a crocheting project wasn’t a big deal and didn’t make much of a difference in my life but not completing my God-given assignment, is a huge deal!
John 17:4 MSG says, “I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detail what you assigned me to do.” Once we know our God-given assignment, we should do whatever it takes to complete it, including stopping anything that takes our focus or excitement off of it.
 Ask God to reignite the fire in you again for the assignment He has given you and do something everyday to keep the fire lit. Let Him be glorified in every step of your journey to fulfill your assignment. 
– Pastor Maria Murphy