The Right Place

I think often about the calling and the purpose of the church, the body of Christ. I often ask myself as a part of the glorious church, are all of us in our right place?
The plan and purpose for each one of us is in the will of God. Being in His ministry is so fulfilling! I enjoy being in my place. I don’t ever have to question my place or my destiny. Being a pastor’s wife and working together with His church body is so fulfilling. There is nothing like God’s grace and mercy to serve Him in ministry.
My heart is so grateful to the One who has called me. While I enjoy this part of His calling, I truly love what I consider my first calling, and that is to prayer. God has given me a special grace to love people in prayer. My heart is so full and complete when I am before my Father’s face with precious brothers and sisters. This is where I am most satisfied, being in His presence, bringing Him what the Holy One imparts. I invite you today, let us meet together in His place.
-Pastor Maria DaGraca