Times Have Changed

We know that times have changed and it is evident that this generation is facing many challenges. The morals and character that we have worked so hard to keep, are now being questioned. It seems that wrong is now ok and people don’t stand up for what is right.

The devil is trying his best to change our culture and twist our stories to his own lies. He is a deceiver and we need not be afraid or intimidated by what we see and know is going on in the world today.

We need to recognize that satan is the author of all these (bad) things. Love casts out fear so purposefully follow Jesus’ command and just plainly rebel against evil by doing good.

Rebuke and take authority over the devil. He is afraid of and threatened by God’s people so he is causing chaos to move us into fear, disagreement, and discouragement.

STAND TALL in the Name of Jesus and give the devil a heart attack! What Jesus did to him, is fresh in his mind. The key to hell was taken from him, so he can’t even hide that! He is fully aware of what’s coming for him when Jesus throws him into the lake of fire.

Don’t feel sorry for him. He has caused so much problems in the world, in fact all of this world’s problems originate with him. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and refuse to listen to devil’s lies. Be filled with the Holy Ghost, pray for the sick, cast out the devil, and give no place to the enemy of God.

-Pastor Maria DaGraca